The Uber Taxi War


The Ubers and Taxis squared off for a fight
That would burn in the streets, all the day and all the night
Armed with lobbyists and lawyers, standing by their side
To finally determine, who could fairly give us rides
Ubers got the jump, the Taxis they were sleeping
And when they woke up, the Taxis they were weeping
The Taxis got a little wise, and downloaded the Uber app
So they could track the Ubers, driving on the Uber map
They hired 50 lobbyists, and loaded up their pockets
Sent them to the Capitals, to file a million dockets
The Taxis weren’t done yet, they hired vicious bloggers
To spread some crazy scandals, and muddy all the waters
Calling all the Ubers, wild depraved degenerates
Inflating all the mishaps, and ignoring all the benefits
Ubers sole response, was a thundering silence
And refusing to accept, the rhetorical violence
The Ubers were quite sneaky, and kept sending all their drivers
Giving rides to all the passengers, for twenties tens and fivers
The riders were quite happy, to be paying half the price
The pick-ups are much quicker, and Ubers are real nice
The Taxis have been angry, that the world has passed them by
Their old timey business model, has just gone off and died
And it isn’t coming back, the application has disrupted
The old fashioned Taxi ways, since new ways have erupted
The people now have spoken, and sometimes they are heard
They voted with their dollars, for when they get chauffeured


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